Touchscreen Mobile Devices and Their Apps

The form factor of a small portable touchscreen device has the potential to be the GAME CHANGER for learners in elementary grades. Portability, connectivity, ease of sharing, and a variety of inexpensive apps add to this form factor's advantages.

A few apps I like:

Futaba Classroom Games for Kids

a reading or vocabulary game with an interface for four players, customizable

iPad App 4.99

Book Creator

create multimedia books easily!

iPad App $4.99


teaches story components with creative cartooning.

iPad App .99


almost instant websites straight from your iPhone or iPad

iPad, iPhone free

Puppet Pals

Make Simple puppet plays... add rigor and relevance by having students storyboard first


Free (but you will want the "Director's Pass for 2.99)

Others to Consider:

Explain Everything



Audio Boo (also on web at

Fotopedia Heritage (Image source)

For Android Apps you can look here: